Winston Churchill’s Boy


A singer not need external silence, but should have the power to shut off the thoughts of those who are listening him. He don’t need to sing like who propagates irresistible verses or brings the calamity of poetry but must suspend the mental speech of those who hear it, superimpose it as to create layers and layers of thought and then his voice flowed naturally in another person, by other person, about to confuse you by surprise in make believable what he feels, to materialize what he tries to show, to convince the others by a shudder, for a subtle chill in the epidermis, by an attention to casual and needed distance between these chords of piano and the time to resume voice. There are not sound waves. Not the perfect pitch of vocal power, but the establishing of a complicity. As if that voice speaking very closely as who shares a secret or tells a unimportant moment of his day or a important moment of his past. It’s like we can understand the importance of what is listening and cannot, even if wanted, never remain indifferent. This is the way a singer enslaves a music lover.

Thank you.

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